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'An Evaluation of Electronic Memory and Organisation Aids for People with Cognitive Impairment&#

Project Aims:

  • To identify portable electronic devices and software that may be used as electronic memory and organisation aids for people with cognitive impairments, including:

  • Devices and software that have been designed for, or appear particulary suitable for people with cognitive impairments.

  • Devices and software that are commonly used or recommended as electronic memory aids.

  • To evaluate these electronic aids in terms of the features that may be important in their suitability for people with cognitive impairments.

  • To create and distribute a resource that assists people with cognitive impairments, their support people and therapists to select a suitable electronic aid.

  • To develop an evaluation tool with a feature list, that assist people to evaluate future electronic aids as they become available.

The project focused on memory and organisation software available for smartphone and tablet devices including Apple (iOS), Android and Windows platforms. Please see the full report for more information about the different smartphone platforms.

Individual memory and organisation aid evaluations include an evaluation form and videos demonstrating key features.

This project was generously funded by the Harry Secomb Foundation (Managed by Perpertual).

Read the Full Report Here

Read the Quick Reference Table Here