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Still No Touch Screen on Mac?

If you’re like me, you constantly find yourself pointing your finger at the MacBook screen out of habit from using your iPad (and basically all other tablets and laptop computers on the market!).

But it got me thinking... why is there no touch screen for the Mac laptop range?

Presumably it is Apple's fear of cannibalising its iPad market. They say they are wanting to keep their products separate.

But in the meantime, they still try to make the iPad more like a computer (hence the iPad Pro), and their MacBook more like an iPad (hence the MacBook Touch Bar). But this still leaves our useless fingermarks all over our MacBook displays.

There is a solution however. Let’s call it the MacPad.

A touchscreen Mac laptop, with a detachable display. It would also have a dual boot system allowing you to run in either MacOS or iOS.

A laptop and iPad in one. The best of both worlds!

I like it... I wonder if Apple is hiring?

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