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Dr Graeme Smth headshot
The Ability team
Dr Graeme Smith,
Executive Director


Dr Graeme Smith B.Ec (Hons), B.D., M.A. (Hons), Ph D is the founder and Executive Director of Ability Technology. As well as assessing the technology needs of hundreds of people with a disability since 1990, he has undertaken a range of national research projects in the area of disability and technology.


His expertise is frequently sought in the legal, education, employment and disability sectors. He has contributed to various levels of government in the area of assistive technology, and has presented at conferences in Australia and overseas.

Who we are


Ability Technology’s mission is to increase the independence and productive potential of people with a disability, through the use of computer and related technology. We do this by linking people with a disability to special devices, software and services that will enable them to use a computer comfortably and effectively. We have technical, occupational therapy and research staff in our multi-disciplinary team.


We also specialise in environmental (home) control technology, to enable people with a disability to control the phone, TV, lights, doors, fans, heaters and other devices.


We have been doing this work for over 25 years and have provided services to thousands of people with varying disabilities during this period. Our complete service includes:

  • Locating and testing new devices and options

  • Providing information and advice

  • Preparing specialist assessments and reports

  • Supplying and customising devices and systems

  • Providing training matched to the person’s capabilities

  • Arranging technical support


We have also undertaken significant research projects in the area of disability and technology. These studies have covered issues such as speech recognition, home automation, remote support options and the use of computers by people with traumatic brain injury


Our head office is in Sydney, but we have team members across New South Wales, as well as South Australia, Victoria and Queensland.

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