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The Role of Computers in the Employment of People with Quadriplegia

This doctoral thesis evaluates the role of computer technology in influencing the employment process of people with quadriplegia. It does this by developing a framework to identify the key junctions in the employment journey of this group.

The framework is then given content following a detailed study of the literature from social analysis, law, economics, industrial relations, vocational rehabilitation and assistive technology. Policy options available to governments to enhance the employment outcomes for people with disabilities are identified, with a special focus on the development and evaluation of policies in Australia. Case studies are used to illustrate the role of computer technology in the various stages of the employment process for people with quadriplegia.

Conclusions are then drawn regarding the role of computer technology in relation to other factors that influence the employment of people with quadriplegia, and the policy implications of these findings. The theoretical implications of the research are also described.

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