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"Easy Mode" for Android

HTC's Easy Mode

Smartphones aren't going away. In the last decade they have revolutionised how we communicate and connect.

In many ways their versatility is their strength, allowing them to fill many different needs and adapt to user preferences. For less experienced smartphone users however, their complexity can constitute a major obstacle to access. This is amplified further for people with a brain injury, intellectual disability or developmental delay.

There are several different apps available for Android that will simplify the Home screen to make it easier and more accessible to users. However, these third-party apps can run into issues, fail to launch or close unexpectedly. Android has developed its own solution to this problem: a simple idea that could have a big impact.

Easy Mode is just that - a simplified Home screen interface that is built right into the Android operating system. Simply go into your settings, look for your Home Screen settings and change your Home screen launcher to Easy Mode.

Each of the major Android phone brands have their own version with slight variations. For instance, HTC's Easy Mode (pictured) allows the user to choose the apps that show on the Home screen on a large and simplified interface. It also has the added benefit of integrated picture dialing.

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