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Helping people with a disability to be more independent, productive and connected, through modern technology.

We assess our clients' needs to find the solution that best suits them.

We recommend equipment and services based on each client's needs.

We offer technical support every step of the way.

Our expert staff are available to conduct workshops and in-house training sessions.

Complete our online referral form to get started on your assistive technology journey. You can fill in a form for yourself or someone else.

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We have team members stationed around the country, ready to asses your needs and get you started on your assistive technology journey.

AbilityHouse is designed to provide you with information about alternative methods to operate appliances in your home.

Our assistive technology rental scheme allows you to trial different options to find the perfect solution for you.

Our News page has the latest from the assistive technology sector, as well as updates about what Ability is doing.

Ability now offers a brokerage service to NDIS clients needing to purchase approved equipment.


Ability Technology is now the national distributor for QuadLife - makers of the QuadJoy. We supply new products and accessories, do repairs, provide spare parts. 

Please email us for any enquiries related to the QuadJoy!

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