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Difficulty using a keyboard Difficulty using a mouse Navigating around the computer Seeing the computer screen
Email Browsing_the_web Playing_games Writing
Reading Spelling Maths Memory
Planning and organising manipluating books, magazines & newspapers accessing hard copy print material Drawing
Mobile_Phone Landlin_telephone TV, DVD, Foxtel, music Lights__lamps
Air_conditioner Fan__heater Bed Call_Buzzer
Doors Windows__curtains Camera Playing_with_toys

Ability Technology is not an equipment supplier (although we do source products for our own clients), nor do we promote specific suppliers.

As such, we have provided a link to the main manufacturer of each product, as this is the best source of accurate and up-to-date information.


Please contact us if you need more information on equipment suppliers in Australia, or if you would like to trial a product.

We also offer specialist technology assessments, which we would recommend prior to purchasing expensive or complex equipment.




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